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Tiny Brains PS4 review

Tiny Brains is an indie game available for the PS4. It would fit in the category of puzzle games and is available for digital download on the Playstation Network. It is about small creatures who were experimented on and given super powers. Furthermore, they managed to escape from their lab.

From my experience with this game, I have found it has been very challenging to my friends and I. The game is meant to be played with 4 people online although you can play it all by yourself if your friends are busy. Each character has their own special abilities. Each ability is necessary in order to pass all the in game challenges. But, a character's ability might not be used for several challenges. This can cause some boredom with one or multiple player games.

In single player you must swap between all the characters to use their ability's which adds an even bigger challenge. In multiplayer you are required to have great communication between you and your team to complete the challenges. So, get your headset(s) ready!

This game is a great idea on paper. Unfortunately, it isn't very good due to the fact that the physics of the game are not accurate. It could take you a minute to mentally solve the puzzle and figure out what each person has to do, but it could take up to 25 minutes (if not longer) due to the lack of accuracy of the games physics.

In my opinion I would not recommended purchasing this game unless you have 3 other friends who are constantly trying to beat the challenges. Even then it might not be worth the $20 you' re going to spend on it.

Overall rating: 4/10.

Editor's note : Mark Nicholet is the editor and founder of Goopy Games, Your free online video game arcade.

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Wreck-it Ralph review

By Rob Jefchak


            When a new movie is coming out and the promotion for the movie builds up more and more as the release date arrives, I try not to get my spirits too high for fear of the hype being too impossible to match. When “Wreck-it Ralph” was coming out, I had extremely high hopes set on this movie and as much as I wanted to, I could not contain my interest and excitement. Did it match it? We’ll soon find out. Director Rich Moore tells the computer animated tale of an 8-bit video game villain named Wreck-it Ralph (John C. Reilly); he’s been playing the villain role for the arcade game “Fix-it Felix Jr.” for over 30 years and he’s sick of getting zero respect.

            So when Ralph decides to jump into another video game to get a medal from the game “A Hero’s duty”, he unknowingly causes a chain of events that could doom his game and his partner Felix (Jack McBrayer). Now stuck in a candy coated racing game called “Sugar Rush” and being pestered by a little mischief making girl named Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), Ralph has to discover what he really wants out of life before his, and everyone else’s gaming days, are over. Most people expected this movie to be a video game equivalent of “Who framed Rodger Rabbit?” by having lots of cameos and crossover mingling between various well known video game stars.

            Though truthfully, this movie was more like “Toy Story” in both of plot similarities but also emotional similarities. “Ralph” shows you what the video game characters are like when the game turns off for the night. We see the game characters as people and recognize their problems and emphasize with their identity issues, specifically Ralph and Vanellope. The movie’s messages is not as cut and dry as most Disney films, it has resistance and denial but also acceptance without feeling like the lesson didn’t sink in effectively. Ralph desires to be respected and wants more out of life; even though he is the bad guy of his game, his passion feels more compassionate than one of greed or selfishness.

            The relationship between Vanellope and Ralph is one of the film’s most touching moments, full of sweetness that feels natural and always proves endearing. One of the most interesting aspects about the characters is that the main 4 stars Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, and Sgt. Calhoun (Jane Lynch) are all modeled after their celebrity voices. Calhoun is almost a dead ringer duplicate of Jane Lynch in every way. Everyone fits their role to a perfect tee, their personalities and exaggerations feel completely in synch with their characters and the film’s setting. Special nod to the incredibly talented but regretfully overlooked actor, Alan Tudyk for his incredible performance as King Candy.

            Though this film was not made by Pixar, it’s easily Disney’s greatest non Pixar produced CGI film in my opinion. The balance of humor and good hearted moral messages blends perfectly. Adults are not dumbed down by simple minded children lessons, but neither are they given racy adult jokes simply to entertain parents while the kid’s oogle the pretty colored game worlds. “Ralph” harmonies humor, life lessons, entertainment and genuine satisfaction in a way that allows every one of every age, generation or fan base to get something meaningful out of this movie.

            If there was any problem that could be forcefully yanked from this film’s glowing record, it would be the arguable complaint of not seeing enough variety in the video game characters and their respected worlds. Majority of the film is spent in “Sugar Rush” and famous game icons like Sonic the hedgehog or Ryu from Street Fighter are very brief (unfortunate considering they are voiced by their actual voice actors from their respectful game titles). This nitpick is merely a difference in perceived expectations of how some believed the movie would turn out. Personally, I feel the focus on the original characters and worlds worked more to the film’s benefit, allowing for more focus and effort to be placed in the story itself; rather than worrying frantically about what winking cameo to include as an Easter egg.

            In conclusion, “Wreck-it Ralph” surpassed and exceeded my expectations in ways too wonderful to even begin to explain or describe. This was the film I had been sitting on pins and needles since I first heard of its release and it did NOT disappoint in the slightest. The film’s story is original, heartfelt and entertaining without the slightest stumble or slip up in any aspect of the film or its characters construction and execution. Reilly, Silverman, McBrayer, Lynch, Tudyk, everyone was flawlessly fantastic and the animation was rich, colorful and a true candy coated delight. Video game fans, young fans, old fans, movie fans, Disney fans, anything you love or even kind of like about good movies, this is the movie for ALL of you!

I give “Wreck-it Ralph” 4 stars out of 4 stars.

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COD Black Ops 2 is a first person shooter video game that is being released for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. A sequel to the highly popular original, COD Black Ops 2 promises to be one of the biggest video game releases of the year when it’s scheduled for public consumption on November 13th, 2012.

This is the fourth in the series of COD releases from Treyarch with Activision being the publisher. The setting is in the near future with China and the US engaged in a Cold War after China has banned the export of much needed rare earth elements.

This gigantic game was previewed back in June during the E3 2012 Trade Show and it revealed plenty about the dynamics of the game structure. While Nintendo and Wii have been cited as potential platforms for the release of COD Black Ops 2, no release date has been fully set.

The basic elements of the game are similar to previous releases, but COD Back Ops 2 fills in the essential details of its story during the pre-order briefing. From this briefing you will understand what the setting is, the basic equipment you can carry and what your mission will be. This is similar in structure to previous releases of COD as well.

The near future setting means that your soldier has more to work with than what is available today, the emphasis on advanced technology is apparent in your choice of options as well. You are Frank Woods, who was the lead character in the previous COD Black Ops original back in 2010. Unlike the combat missions in the previous release, you will be utilizing the technology of 2025. However, most of the weaponry will remain quite familiar with some technical advances.

There will be flashbacks however to the Reagan-era of the mid-1980s, allowing for a more diverse scenario base for your adventures. It means that you can explore different time periods with weapons and equipment comparable to the times. You can play out scenarios in different settings such as Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Russia as well. 

However, most of the game is centered in 2025 and features a very rough world that has been in constant firefights. There are very advanced weaponry available and the overabundance of firearms has led to the destruction of towns and cities across the world. In this new era, battles are often conducted by drones fitted with rocket launchers and chain guns that do tremendous damage. Exotic machines like quadrocopters hover in the skies while more poorly armed mobs fight through the streets. The world of COD Black Ops 2 is not a pleasant one. It is one of the most challenging areas for players to contest their battles.

Basically, the bad guys hold all the cards with rare elements that are needed along with the firepower to protect them. You have to use the weapons at your disposal as well as your wits and guile to make your way across a devastated landscape to achieve your objectives.



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What Black Ops 2 Brings to the Stage

These days, with all these expansions to the Call of Duty series, many are becoming skeptical of the new features, of the new maps, of the game in general. However, although being skeptical is a natural reaction to a continually expanding game over time, Black Ops 2 brings a ton to the stage. Not only does it bring a revamped zombies mode, but Black Ops 2 commands a whole latitude of new areas it treads in.

Multiple Teams

What many people may become tired of is the fact that you are always battling against another faction; you are always battling against the same other team for the whole match. You are always battling that one group of people. However, what Black Ops 2 hopes to bring to the stage is multi-team games, meaning that you are no longer becoming bored of simply fighting against one group of people, rather 3 or 4. Black Ops 2 hopes to bring to the stage multi-factional warfare, and multi-allied warfare. Rather like the old style of Hungry Hippos, you are not attempting to gather all the balls for your own team against one other person, you are expanding it to 2 or more people that will fight against you to claim victory.


Bringing multiple teams into the warfare arena will help not only expand strategic plans but expand battlefields. Many players have been requesting over, and over again for wider battlefields, and more epic warfare. It always seemed rather dull to fight with such a small group of people by your side, and behind enemy lines. However, that all changes with the new expansion to the Call of Duty era.

Ranking Systems

Although ranking systems have always existed in the Call of Duty games, Treyarch, the creators of the Black Ops series, and Call of Duty, hopes to bring to to the forefront its efforts to enter Black Ops 2 into the realm of eSports. eSports is a flying phenomenon; although many people chastised it, and criticized it, eSports has begun to become popular recently, and has attracted hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of fans every single day at Live streams, but also Live events. With Black Ops 2, Treyarch plans to implement a ranking system in which players will recognize their skill within the game, and their plans to improve their skills and show their technique and mastery of the game through playing matches that will determine such, and will improve their ranking over time if they continue to show their merit. Thus allows players to begin to show themselves as top players of the game, and begin the quest to see who is the true champion of the game.


Not only that, with the rise of Live streams, Black Ops 2 hopes to make it easy to implement streams for individuals so others may watch certain players expose their playstyles and techniques to help market the game, but also popularize the eSports aspect that will be added ino the newest expansion of the Call of Duty series.

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Tips to get your Computer Running Faster

These days, our computers get cluttered with so many programs that are offered and we begin to feel the need to use such. Not only that, needless files and caches from programs find themselves in our systems without being cleared out regularly, and begin to slow down our computer by simply filling up the programs with caches that are not favorable to the speed of a computer.

Clean your Internet Cache

Whatever browser you may be using, clearing your cache of the program you surf the Internet from is always an option to get your PC running faster. More often than not, this option will be found by simply “Settings” menu of your browser’s preferences, and by clicking “clear cache, and history” your computer will be cleaned of all your browsing history and the cache that is used to allow visited web pages load faster. Although it may be useful, many websites we visited at one point, we may never visit again, and thus, as a result, the cache of these pages are useless and unneeded.

Uninstall Needless Programs

One of the easiest solutions many look over is the fact that programs begin to clutter one’s computer in terms of disk space, but also startup space. Every so often, we install programs that we intend to use over time, but we end up not using it anyways, and leave it sitting there. Much like buying a product and not using it, and simply letting it sit there is not the most efficient route to take. Having these programs taking disk space, but also sometimes a startup program (in which the program launches as your computer turns on) slows down your computer and causes needless lag in your computer. Thus, as a result, going into your Control Panel and going into the programs that are listed, uninstalling programs that you no longer use, or you may not have installed in the first place, will speed up your computer immensely. Moreover, if a program that you no longer use, but desire to keep on your computer, go into the programs that start up with your computer, and check if it is in that list, and remove it, if so. One of the greatest factors in boot up speed is startup programs; having programs flood the computer as it starts up slows the process of simply getting onto your computer immensely.

Defragment Your Disk

Much like a tool that becomes disjointed as time wears on, your disk becomes disorganized and slower as it moves away from total organization as it is used; defragmenting your disk assists in organizing your memory, and allowing your disk to become in a seemingly “perfect” state yet again, allowing for faster computing.