COD Black Ops 2

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COD Black Ops 2 is a first person shooter video game that is being released for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. A sequel to the highly popular original, COD Black Ops 2 promises to be one of the biggest video game releases of the year when it’s scheduled for public consumption on November 13th, 2012.

This is the fourth in the series of COD releases from Treyarch with Activision being the publisher. The setting is in the near future with China and the US engaged in a Cold War after China has banned the export of much needed rare earth elements.

This gigantic game was previewed back in June during the E3 2012 Trade Show and it revealed plenty about the dynamics of the game structure. While Nintendo and Wii have been cited as potential platforms for the release of COD Black Ops 2, no release date has been fully set.

The basic elements of the game are similar to previous releases, but COD Back Ops 2 fills in the essential details of its story during the pre-order briefing. From this briefing you will understand what the setting is, the basic equipment you can carry and what your mission will be. This is similar in structure to previous releases of COD as well.

The near future setting means that your soldier has more to work with than what is available today, the emphasis on advanced technology is apparent in your choice of options as well. You are Frank Woods, who was the lead character in the previous COD Black Ops original back in 2010. Unlike the combat missions in the previous release, you will be utilizing the technology of 2025. However, most of the weaponry will remain quite familiar with some technical advances.

There will be flashbacks however to the Reagan-era of the mid-1980s, allowing for a more diverse scenario base for your adventures. It means that you can explore different time periods with weapons and equipment comparable to the times. You can play out scenarios in different settings such as Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Russia as well. 

However, most of the game is centered in 2025 and features a very rough world that has been in constant firefights. There are very advanced weaponry available and the overabundance of firearms has led to the destruction of towns and cities across the world. In this new era, battles are often conducted by drones fitted with rocket launchers and chain guns that do tremendous damage. Exotic machines like quadrocopters hover in the skies while more poorly armed mobs fight through the streets. The world of COD Black Ops 2 is not a pleasant one. It is one of the most challenging areas for players to contest their battles.

Basically, the bad guys hold all the cards with rare elements that are needed along with the firepower to protect them. You have to use the weapons at your disposal as well as your wits and guile to make your way across a devastated landscape to achieve your objectives.