Tiny Brains Review

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Tiny Brains PS4 review

Tiny Brains is an indie game available for the PS4. It would fit in the category of puzzle games and is available for digital download on the Playstation Network. It is about small creatures who were experimented on and given super powers. Furthermore, they managed to escape from their lab.

From my experience with this game, I have found it has been very challenging to my friends and I. The game is meant to be played with 4 people online although you can play it all by yourself if your friends are busy. Each character has their own special abilities. Each ability is necessary in order to pass all the in game challenges. But, a character's ability might not be used for several challenges. This can cause some boredom with one or multiple player games.

In single player you must swap between all the characters to use their ability's which adds an even bigger challenge. In multiplayer you are required to have great communication between you and your team to complete the challenges. So, get your headset(s) ready!

This game is a great idea on paper. Unfortunately, it isn't very good due to the fact that the physics of the game are not accurate. It could take you a minute to mentally solve the puzzle and figure out what each person has to do, but it could take up to 25 minutes (if not longer) due to the lack of accuracy of the games physics.

In my opinion I would not recommended purchasing this game unless you have 3 other friends who are constantly trying to beat the challenges. Even then it might not be worth the $20 you' re going to spend on it.

Overall rating: 4/10.

Editor's note : Mark Nicholet is the editor and founder of Goopy Games, Your free online video game arcade.