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Tips to get your Computer Running Faster

These days, our computers get cluttered with so many programs that are offered and we begin to feel the need to use such. Not only that, needless files and caches from programs find themselves in our systems without being cleared out regularly, and begin to slow down our computer by simply filling up the programs with caches that are not favorable to the speed of a computer.

Clean your Internet Cache

Whatever browser you may be using, clearing your cache of the program you surf the Internet from is always an option to get your PC running faster. More often than not, this option will be found by simply “Settings” menu of your browser’s preferences, and by clicking “clear cache, and history” your computer will be cleaned of all your browsing history and the cache that is used to allow visited web pages load faster. Although it may be useful, many websites we visited at one point, we may never visit again, and thus, as a result, the cache of these pages are useless and unneeded.

Uninstall Needless Programs

One of the easiest solutions many look over is the fact that programs begin to clutter one’s computer in terms of disk space, but also startup space. Every so often, we install programs that we intend to use over time, but we end up not using it anyways, and leave it sitting there. Much like buying a product and not using it, and simply letting it sit there is not the most efficient route to take. Having these programs taking disk space, but also sometimes a startup program (in which the program launches as your computer turns on) slows down your computer and causes needless lag in your computer. Thus, as a result, going into your Control Panel and going into the programs that are listed, uninstalling programs that you no longer use, or you may not have installed in the first place, will speed up your computer immensely. Moreover, if a program that you no longer use, but desire to keep on your computer, go into the programs that start up with your computer, and check if it is in that list, and remove it, if so. One of the greatest factors in boot up speed is startup programs; having programs flood the computer as it starts up slows the process of simply getting onto your computer immensely.

Defragment Your Disk

Much like a tool that becomes disjointed as time wears on, your disk becomes disorganized and slower as it moves away from total organization as it is used; defragmenting your disk assists in organizing your memory, and allowing your disk to become in a seemingly “perfect” state yet again, allowing for faster computing.