What Black Ops 2 brings

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What Black Ops 2 Brings to the Stage

These days, with all these expansions to the Call of Duty series, many are becoming skeptical of the new features, of the new maps, of the game in general. However, although being skeptical is a natural reaction to a continually expanding game over time, Black Ops 2 brings a ton to the stage. Not only does it bring a revamped zombies mode, but Black Ops 2 commands a whole latitude of new areas it treads in.

Multiple Teams

What many people may become tired of is the fact that you are always battling against another faction; you are always battling against the same other team for the whole match. You are always battling that one group of people. However, what Black Ops 2 hopes to bring to the stage is multi-team games, meaning that you are no longer becoming bored of simply fighting against one group of people, rather 3 or 4. Black Ops 2 hopes to bring to the stage multi-factional warfare, and multi-allied warfare. Rather like the old style of Hungry Hippos, you are not attempting to gather all the balls for your own team against one other person, you are expanding it to 2 or more people that will fight against you to claim victory.


Bringing multiple teams into the warfare arena will help not only expand strategic plans but expand battlefields. Many players have been requesting over, and over again for wider battlefields, and more epic warfare. It always seemed rather dull to fight with such a small group of people by your side, and behind enemy lines. However, that all changes with the new expansion to the Call of Duty era.

Ranking Systems

Although ranking systems have always existed in the Call of Duty games, Treyarch, the creators of the Black Ops series, and Call of Duty, hopes to bring to to the forefront its efforts to enter Black Ops 2 into the realm of eSports. eSports is a flying phenomenon; although many people chastised it, and criticized it, eSports has begun to become popular recently, and has attracted hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of fans every single day at Live streams, but also Live events. With Black Ops 2, Treyarch plans to implement a ranking system in which players will recognize their skill within the game, and their plans to improve their skills and show their technique and mastery of the game through playing matches that will determine such, and will improve their ranking over time if they continue to show their merit. Thus allows players to begin to show themselves as top players of the game, and begin the quest to see who is the true champion of the game.


Not only that, with the rise of Live streams, Black Ops 2 hopes to make it easy to implement streams for individuals so others may watch certain players expose their playstyles and techniques to help market the game, but also popularize the eSports aspect that will be added ino the newest expansion of the Call of Duty series.