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2000 years into the future all biological life is extinct and only robots remain to rule the world...The evil faction of Sotoron robots enslave the peaceful Geron robot. The Geron's attempt to rebel but they fail and their conditions worsen, a small faction of rebels remains and has upgraded their equipment in hopes to free their comrades.

Date added: 2012-11-13

Instructions: Aim using the Mouse

Click to shoot

Rescue slaves by bumping into them

Gain Minerals by bumping into them

Avoid enemy units which drain your health

Complete levels by rescuing all Geron slaves.

Tags: roboslave  sponsored


  • avatar
    marleyohare (0) - 2013-04-03, 11:52

  • avatar
    blackrussian (0) - 2013-01-19, 21:17
    Loved it!

  • avatar
    CyberDragon (-945) - 2013-01-02, 02:48
    cool game!

  • avatar
    sonjabean (0) - 2012-12-03, 14:00
    this game is addicting!

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